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Happy Earth Day Houstonians. We have had a late termite season this year. But this month, the termites are definitely swarming. You might have seen them yourself circling around dead tree stumps, wood piles, or even inside your own home. Making sure your home is protected against termites either by regular monitoring or a preventative treatment is very important since subterranean termite infestation is very common in Greater Houston. At Bulls-eye we do free termite quotes but we thought we would share some great self monitoring tips that will allow you to check your own home for potential termite problems.

1. Monitoring starts with the foundation of your home. For slab homes, make sure you have at least 3-5 inches of visible slab around the entire perimeter. For pier and beam homes, which are very common in The Heights and areas of Montgomery, make sure that you have access either via a panel on the outside or within the interior. Regularly walk the perimeter of your home and look for termite shelter tubes that are coming from the soil up along the slab of the foundation. They look very similar to a mud wasp nest only they are typically thinner and run in a straight line. These can be found on the piers of a home as well. This is the most common sign that you have a current termite infestation.

2. Check the baseboards and windows of your home. If you notice extremely soft wood, cracking wood, or sawdust in these areas this could be an indication of termites.

3. Monitor drywall for pin hole marks. These look like someone has made small holes in different areas of the drywall and frequently you will find dirt being kicked out of the holes where it tends to pile up on the floor. This is another sign that you could be harboring termites in the walls of your home.

4. Monitor your home for damage that might appear due to age but might actually be evidence of termites. This could mean buckling wood, swollen floors, bubbling behind wall paper, or areas where there appears to be a water leak.

If during the course of monitoring your home you find anything suspicious that could indicate termite infestation make sure to call a licensed pest professional to assess the situation. Many companies, like Bulls-Eye, provide this type of check free of charge. Remember that when it comes to termites its better to be safe than run the risk of extensive and costly repairs later. We posted a video above that illustrates some different signs of termites that might be helpful for those who want to monitor their owns homes. Thanks for tuning in Houston and we hope you have a great rest of the week!! :-)

Bulls-eye Team