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Sugar ants is a general term to describe several different sub species of ants that you typically find as an indoor pest. Named for their love of sweet foods, they are actually food opportunists that will eat whatever is readily available. Sugar ants vary in shapes, sizes and color depending on the species. They are seen typically in kitchen and bathrooms but could be found anywhere in the home where sweet treats or other food is stored. The best prevention for sugar ants is to keep all food/candy/cookies in sealed containers, sweep and mop floors frequently, as well as make sure no crumbs are left behind after preparing meals. Regular general pest control will help reduce ant activity if you are experiencing a current infestation. But even with regular pest service, if the action causing the ants (i.e. food crumbs) is not corrected, you will continue to have persistent ant problems in your home. Because there are several different types of sugar ants, it is best to contact a licensed pest professional. Different species respond better to treatment with specific pesticides, so making sure that the right products are being applied for that specific ant type is key to getting rid of these pesky food thieves. Below is a video with some self help tips on preventing and treating sugar ants that we thought you all might enjoy. Thanks for Stopping By :-) and  don't forget to tune in next week for another edition of pest of the week!!!

-Bulls-Eye Pest & Termite Control Team