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The Brown recluse is one of a few venomous spiders native to Houston.  Frequently known for the violin shape markings on their back, they are commonly found hiding in cool dark places like garages or sheds. Many people are bitten by a brown recluse when putting on clothing or blanket items that have gone unused for long periods of time i.e. gardening gloves, shoes, or even blankets. The bite of a brown recluse spider can cause severe pain and possible tissue damage. The severity of the reaction to a recluse bite varies between persons. Some individuals have reactions so severe that it requires hospitalization while others experience only a mild skin irritation. The best way to prevent an infestation of brown recluses in your Greater Houston home is with routine pest control as well as shaking out clothing items before putting them on your body.  This is especially the case with items that have not been worn or disturbed for several weeks at a time. De-webbing windows, ceilings, and attic spaces will also help decrease the number of spiders you see around your home. Spiders are very protective of their webs, once one is destroyed they tend to move their webs to safer locations away from people who might take them down. This de-webbing is a part of the service we provide to our customers when we come out to do quarterly or one time pest control. Check out the great video we found from a World's deadliest animals episode about Brown Recluse Spiders. Thanks for tuning in! Have a great week everyone!