Pest of the Week: Centipedes

Centipedes in our area of Greater Houston are generally considered nuisance pests. They are commonly known for their multiple legs which can range anywhere from 17-177. An interesting fact about centipedes is that they always have an odd number of legs. They typically inhabit dank, dark areas such as potted plants, bathrooms and crawl spaces when found inside the home. Despite having poisonous jaws which they use to inject venom into prey, very few centipedes in Texas actually pose a threat to humans. The only venomous centipede in our area is the Giant Red Headed centipede . The bite of a red headed centipede has been described as similar to a scorpion sting only more painful. They deposit venom not only with their pinchers but also through their legs as they crawl across the skin. The best way to prevent an infestation of centipede is with general pest control. Check out the link below about a newscast done in San Antonio about the bite of the Giant Red Headed Centipede. And don't forget to tune in next week for another edition of Pest of the Week!

Centipede Strikes!! Click to See News Story


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