Mosquito Prevention To Do List

Mosquito prevention is best done before the actual season begins. In the Greater Houston area we are already seeing mosquitos coming out of their hibernation areas and beginning to multiply at a rapid rate. Calls received from West University and The Heights this week are reporting a remarkable increase in the number of mosquitos they are seeing in just a few short days since the last cold snap. This is what inspired us to write about some preventative measures that you can take around your home in order to reduce the number of mosquitos you might see this season.

  1. Cut back all foliage around the home. This includes shrubs, bushes, hedges, high grass or vines . Make sure this foliage is kept to a minimum throughout the entire season to prevent breeding sites and resting areas for mosquitos.
  2. Keep child wading pools empty or drain when not in use.
  3. Walk your yard front and back dumping out anything that contains standing water like planter pots, buckets, old tires, paint cans etc.
  4. Clean roof gutters to prevent mosquitos from laying their larvae here. Any type of standing foliage is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.
  5. Fill in any pot holes around your home where water could potentially collect.
  6. Make sure to keep the property free of grass clippings, leaves, garage or any debris that would obstruct the flow of water after a rain storm that could create water build up around your home.
  7. Report vacant lots with overgrown foliage to city officials to prevent mosquitos setting a permanent residence next door.
  8. Ensure proper screening for windows and doors to make sure they cannot get access to the interior of your home.
  9. Consider monthly mosquito fogging or installing a mosquito misting system if your are in a heavily wooded area. This can be especially important during peak season when despite all efforts mosquito populations are almost impossible to control.

Hope these tips on helping to control mosquito populations around your home can help you and your family this mosquito season. Remember to tune into Google+ today for our Pest of The Week feature about Ladybugs. We will be re-posting this to our blog as well so don’t forget to check back in.  Have a great weekend Houston :-)!!!

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