Monthly Archives: October 2015

Derrick was out at a property in East Houston recently for a termite inspection and came across a large mud nest filled with Formosan termites on the side of a home. To say the least...this is pretty scary. These termites are by far the most destructive of their kind. They are considered to be"  most aggressive and economically devastating termite species in the country" according to Entomologists at TAMU. We always like things bigger in Texas, and these termites are no exception. Unlike most subterranean termites, Formosan termites can build casings inside the walls of their feeding site so they do not have to go back down to the soil line to forage for water. This means they are more productive than most termites...aka...they can destroy your home faster than usual. They also produce colonies that are larger and more robust than normal subs. To break it down, they are basically The Hulk of termites. They can destroy homes faster, and with great efficiency than any other termite species in our area. Because termites need water to survive Formosans tend to pop up when home owners unwittingly provide these very hungry termites with a water source within a wall space. This happens very often when there is a water leak or plumbing issue in the home which creates excess moisture in the walls. Houston is especially prone to high levels of moisture in the air, unstable weather that can lead to leaking or damaged roofs and siding, as well as the warm temperatures which create a hospitable environment for infestation. This is why it is so important for Houstonians to take the necessary steps to protect their homes from termites.  The best way to prevent this type of infestation is by a preventative liquid soil treatment around the foundation as well as immediate repairs of known water leaks or excessive moisture areas in your home. Check out the live video of the Formosan's Derrick captured this week. Have a safe and happy weekend Houston!!!! :-)